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Thoughts on Patience and Impatience

Have you ever noticed that when you are impatient with yourself or someone else, it is actually a disguised form of mental attack?

Thoughts like, “Why can’t she hurry up?” or, “Why is he taking so long?” or even, “Why can’t I just finish this already?” seem harmless, but they are unloving judgements we make about ourselves or others. When we judge, we are immediately on the defensive,  operating from a place of anger and not love.
Would you consider the idea that it is high time we no longer see any value in attacking others or ourselves?

If so, hold those unloving impatient thoughts in your mind the second they form, and turn them into loving thoughts about the person that inspired them.


What We Really Want

An important question we enjoy asking ourselves and others is:

"What is it you really want?"
In the past, our ego minds had a whole list of wants, such as: a certain amount of money in the bank, a house, a fancy, fantasy car, and certain kinds of clothes.
Our egos dangle these things in front of us, and if we manage to satisfy these wants, we discover they are never enough. Our ego’s law states, "Nothing is ever enough."


Another Look at the "To Be" List

We have discovered that starting our day with our “To Be” list instead of our “To Do” list brings us a sense of peace and happiness far beyond anything we have previously experienced.

It is a profound way of celebrating our “being,” the essence of love that is our true identity and our true natural state of happiness. Doing this each morning has changed our state of mind far beyond anything we have ever experienced.


Dogs As Teachers Of Love

We have felt for a long time that if we were as happy as dogs, we would wag our tails too!

The Issaquah Dock where we live on a houseboat is the only dock in the Marin County Bay Area that allows pet dogs. Our dear friend, Lynn, used to work at the Center for Attitudinal Healing and now lives on a houseboat a few minutes from us.

Lynn recently had a foot operation, and the other day I brought her some fruit and paid a visit.
Her dogs are named Maggie and Oreo, and they have become old friends. When we pass them on the dock we always stop, no matter how busy we are, and take time to pet them and enjoy their love.


What If We Made Every Day Valentine's Day?

What if we made every day Valentine’s Day?

We like using our imagination which allows for a mindset where nothing is impossible.

It is our belief that the world continues to suffer from lack of love because we let our belief in our fearful mind -- which makes decisions based on fear, not love, and conflict, not peace -- take over.


Ten Minutes Of Hell

Recently, Diane and I were flying to Orlando, Florida and I thought it would be a good time to clean up my computer’s desktop. There was an item I did not need any more so I put my cursor on it and clicked, “Send To Trash.” After I did this, to my astonishment, everything on my desk top disappeared, and I mean everything.


The "To Be List"

This is a list to remind ourselves of our “true being” identity, which is the spiritual self - the light and love that is always in our hearts and is eternal and everlasting.
This list can also be known as the “core values” we were born with, and which we sometimes hide from ourselves by thinking unforgiving thoughts at others, and ourselves.
We feel it is a list worth reading and making a part of your life every morning as you start the day.


The Most Important Gift

As we come to the end of 2011 and the beginning of holidays of different faiths, it becomes a time for giving gifts to family members and friends. The newspapers, magazines, radio and TV bombard us with enticing advertisements showcasing things to buy with anywhere from small to huge amounts of money.

Sometimes, in the holiday rush to buy things for others, we forget about the most important gift we can give to one another. It is a gift that costs nothing, yet is priceless.


Thoughts on Open-Mindedness

It has been our experience that, when we are caught in the spiderweb of the ego thought system, is easy to become rigidly attached to that ego thought system, which is based on believing that our bodies are our true identity.
When we hold onto rigid beliefs, there is great temptation to make other people who don’t hold on to our beliefs wrong, and even to attack others when their beliefs are different from ours.


There Is No Death, by Gayle Prather

Gayle and Hugh Prather and the two of us have been amazingly close friends and fellow students of A Course of Miracles for thirty years. As couples, we have worked together during our years for what seemed like day and night.

Because of our close relationship with our spouses, we have sometimes wondered how we might respond when one of us made their transition on to the next life.

Hugh Prather passed away unexpectedly about a year ago. In the November 2011 issue of the Holy Encounter, published by Miracle Distribution Center, Gayle writes about her experiences in dealing with loss and grief since that time.