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Celebrating Love

We feel you are never too old to fall in love with, and be loved by, a special life partner.

We encourage everyone to resist the temptation to be afraid of love, and reduce the number of years spent in resistance to surrendering to both love and the joy of love.

Above all, we support you in not letting the judgments and opinion of others get in the way of celebrating love.

We have a friend in her 60s whose husband died several years ago. Recently, a gentleman entered her life whose wife died a few years ago as well. Neither of them thought they would ever fall in love again. They changed their minds about that belief, and today they are “walking on the moon,” happy and secure in each other’s company.

Do you have any stories about never being too old to find love?

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Lessons Our Children Teach Us

Little children are the wisest of all, for they know the importance of laughter and playfulness. They live as if there are no tomorrows or yesterdays; they make each day timeless because they have not learned to tell time.

This reminds us of a wonderful lesson we learned, and then passed on in our book Change Your Mind, Change Your Life:


Celestial Amnesia

It is time we stop scratching the emotional wounds and hurts of the past; it is time we stop finding value in suffering and holding on to guilt.

Many years ago, our dear friend Dr. Bill Thetford coined the term: “Celestial Amnesia.”

Celestial Amnesia means letting go of memories from everything in the past, except the love from our Source, and the love we give to others.


The Tone Of Our Voices

We believe our lives would be much happier on a day-to-day basis if we took the time to listen to the vibration and tone of our voices while we are speaking. Sometimes, for various reasons, our tone can be the opposite of gentle.

For example, when we are fearful, our voices can become loud, angry, sharp and/or defensive. Even if it is completely unintentional, the tone of our voices can make it more difficult for others to help us, and for ourselves to accept help.


Some Thoughts On The Election Process

It seems to us that it is high time politicians running for office start acting with respect and brotherhood for their opponent.
When people running for office start playing the ego game of attack and defense, culminating at times in attacks on the other person’s character, they are setting an example they would not even teach their own children.
Politicians are passing up the chance to teach our kids about harmony and forgiveness, values they often cite during their speeches; politicians could set an example by choosing to forgive each others’ pasts and find ways to communicate about why they would make a good president without descending into mud slinging.


Letting Go Of Being In A Hurry

Have you ever wondered why we are in such a hurry? So many of us hurry when we eat, when we walk, when we talk, when we interrupt someone's conversation, when we have sex, when we are on our computer, when we are driving, and even when we stop to smell a beautiful flower.

We are all in a hurry to leave one place, and in a hurry to get to another place. What is this all about?

Why are we always in such a hurry, not only physically, but in our minds as well?

We believe we are in a hurry because of Fear.