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Courage Is The Antidote To Fear

Courage is embracing fear and seeing it for what it is...

and what it is not.

It takes courage to identify and release the illusion of fear’s power over us, but when we do, we move forward in a determined way towards freedom, love, and joy.

It takes courage to examine our lives and the fears that keep us engaged in unhealthy and often destructive behaviors, as opposed to choosing healthy, supportive ones.

Maintaining the status quo, no matter how bad it is, can often be a control mechanism we utilize to feel safe and avoid confronting our fears head on. It takes real courage to “let go” of our fear of change, which can be seen as “loss,” and embrace true, lasting change.

It takes tremendous courage to not give up and give in to despair.

It takes monumental courage to expose your deepest vulnerability.

This is the very definition of courage – facing head on that which frightens us most.

Courage is fear’s antidote, and the way to love ourselves and others.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane


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