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There Are Always Two Voices

We all make decisions while listening to one of two voices.

It can be easy to make decisions when the voice of fear is speaking to us. Fear has other names: Pain, Guilt, Judgment.

Fear disguises itself so we think it’s the only voice in our heads that’s safe to listen to. We don’t always realize that the voice of fear wants to make us believe that suffering and pain are a foregone conclusion.

The voice of love, on the other hand, wills us to experience happiness and joy all the time, to dwell in eternal peace and believe in forgiveness. The voice of love helps us believe because it flows from a place of peace and light.

Is it not time to say goodbye to guilt, pain, and worry, and then choose to believe that love is the only thing there truly is?

May we celebrate daily the peace and joy within our hearts when we make Love our only reality.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane