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Anger And Hate

There is, in our opinion, a lot of anger and hate in the United States right now.

It seems much of it is directed toward the President of the United States. The people who did not vote for him are feeling angry, while the people who did vote for him are happy with the current circumstances, but still harbor negative feelings for the political system.

We feel this is a time to remember that there are only two emotions: Love and Fear.

If we see another person being angry or hateful, we can choose to interpret their actions as not loving, but as fearful. It means they’re giving us a call of help for love.

If we want to experience greater peace of mind, we can send that person more love, because that’s what they are asking for.

Sending love in the moment bypasses the interpretations that the ego voice would otherwise make, which can lead to greater anger and hate.

All anger and hate comes from fear. When we choose to have anger and hate in our minds and hearts, we lose our connection with the Love that created us.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane


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