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Positive Imagination

The imagination is something that is still unexplored by many of us.

Oftentimes, we do not realize that our ego was created by negative imagination.

There is always room for more positive imagination in our lives. Would you be willing to let go of all your belief systems and tell yourself there's another way of looking at the world? Would you be willing to view everything that you hear and see in the world as a part of your negative imagination of the ego?

If you can imagine this, even for a moment, then you are creating more positive imagination.

Positive imagination is like a spiritual teacher, showing us there's another way of looking at the world; a world that's filled with love, light, kindness, and compassion.

When we live a life filled with trust in the love of our Creator, we embrace a consciousness filled with only love; when we live a life where there's no reality other than love, we become truly happy.

Our Creator’s will for us is happiness, kindness, compassion, and patience. Positive imagination has no space for the ego, for hurting, suffering, or hurting ourselves and others.

We invite you to join us in creating more room for positive imagination in life!

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane



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