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The Power of Love In Listening

Conversation is a cornerstone to experiencing unconditional love.

It’s been our experience that many of us become so focused on what we want to say in a conversation that we’re often impatient with the other person to stop talking so we can get our own words in edgewise. It’s amazing how often we interrupt another person or conversation to say what we feel is important to say without letting the other person finish what they had on their mind.

Our egos are always happy to be present in any conversation; this means there’s a temptation to judge immediately what the person is saying. When we meet someone new, oftentimes within a minute or two we’re making a judgment about whether or not we want to speak with this person any further. The ego is always happy to oblige us and become a fault finder.

In the introductory workshop many people take for Attitudinal Healing, they spend time exploring how to become better listeners. A true listener is someone whose mind does not travel to other places while the speaker is talking; listening with love means conversation is the most important thing during the time both people are spending together.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane

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