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Are We Going Forwards Or Backwards?

Diane and I, Jerry, recently traveled with our son Lee Jampolsky to New York City.

Lee's daughter, Jalena, was receiving her Master's Degree from the New York University School of Art, and we were there to cheer her on and attend her graduation ceremonies.

One day, while we were in New York City, Lee took a walk by himself and encountered a very peculiar dog! In fact, he was so intrigued by this pooch, he took a photo to share with us upon his return.

founders blog dog

Diane and I laughed when we saw his photo because, just like Lee, we were unable to decide if we were looking at the front of the dog... or its back!

This cute pup reminded us of some of our personal life experiences. We have both experienced times in our lives when we believed we were making great forward progress, but were actually moving backwards. And, other times, when we were sure we were regressing, it turns out we were making great forward progress instead!

This cute dog with its booties and fashionable fur style is a joyful reminder that sometimes, even when we feel pretty sure about our direction, we can be surprised!

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane


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