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Anger Is A Choice

Our actions are a product of what we believe. And we, ultimately, see what we believe and think it is true.

When we choose to believe the voice of our egos, we believe inner peace is our enemy, and anger is appropriate and will protect us from harm.

When we are caught in the spider web of our fearful ego, we believe that when someone is angry with us, they are attacking us. And so it follows that we will feel it’s appropriate to defend ourselves, to be angry or attack back.

The end of anger comes when we no longer see any value in anger, and then see the person who is angry as coming from a place of fear and giving a call of help for love. When we no longer respond to someone’s anger in kind, we begin to experience inner peace of mind.

Imagine for a moment what it could be like if everyone in the world simultaneously decided to hold no more anger in their minds and hearts, and to choose only love instead. Would we not live in a totally different world?

We have the power to choose which thoughts and attitudes we put in our minds. May we join together and discover the end of the common use of anger in our lives, and allow peace, joy, and forgiveness to be our way of living.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane


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