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Kindness As Our Natural State

Being kind is part of the natural state of our spiritual identity.

As we learn to discipline our mind to release aspects of fear, we can discover that we do not learn to be kind; kindness is part of the love that we are.

Kindness can also be thought of as the light of love. When we are being kind to others or ourselves, we are extending love and light.

It is important we have found not to base our kindness on the behavior of another person or what they might say. It’s important we look beyond bodies and what they do and say, and see only the light of love in each other. When we do that, kindness pours out of our spiritual being. We then also rediscover that kindness is part of the center of the love that created us. When we are kind to others, and give the gift of light to others, it is a gift we begin to receive ourselves.

Kindness dissolves the illusion of separation. It helps us experience the world where there is no separation. Being kind increases the sparkle and the light in our eyes and the smile on our faces. Perhaps the most powerful use of kindness is to know that kindness doesn’t need any words to be effective.

May we all remember that every day when we wake up we can remember how important it is not to block or withhold our kindness from anyone.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane


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