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What Is Beyond The Beyond?

I, Jerry, wrote this poem a while back and wanted to share it here on our blog. We believe oneness with Spirit brings a greater peace and joy than we can create for ourselves.

On this day the experience of our souls
Is beyond words.

What is beyond all feelings,
Beyond certainty and knowing
That has no room for doubt?

What is beyond all limits
And knows no barriers or boundaries?
What is beyond that which is
All beautiful, magnificent and wonderful?

What is beyond the sunrise, the sunset
The moon and the sky?
What is beyond all feelings of love’s abundance,
Of having no needs with our hearts brimming
Over with love?

What is beyond contentment,
A feeling of well being,
Total happiness and joy?
What is beyond the splendor
 and the magic of nature?

What is beyond the fullness of spirit
That comes from the consciousness of giving?
What is beyond total trust,
Faith and commitment?
What is beyond oneness, joining, and
A state of no separation?

What is beyond feeling safe
And knowing we will never
Be abandoned?
What is beyond the infinity of
Our passionate feelings of gratitude
For all the love we receive?

What is beyond the beyond?
What is beyond awe,
And wonderment

Our creator’s love for us
Our love for our creator.

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