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Changing the Flat Tire of Our Attitudes

We recently noticed a striking resemblance between a negative attitude and a flat tire.

Even though it is technically possible to drive a car with one flat tire, it is very difficult! The car moves very slowly and becomes far less responsive to the steering wheel. It can even become a dangerous situation, if there are other drivers on the road who are moving at a faster speed.

Whenever we had been driving and experienced a flat tire, we immediately pulled off to the side of the road to fix the tire. Sometimes we were able to fix it ourselves, and other times we had to call AAA to help us. Either way, the end result was the same - we were able to continue driving to our destination.

A negative attitude about something, big or small, can act just like a flat tire. It can slow down our minds and make us less responsive to the joy all around us. Even though we are quick to pull over to the side of the road to change a physical flat tire, we are far more likely to carry a negative attitude with us wherever we go!

Now, when we notice we might be carrying a negative attitude or judgement through the day, we gently remind ourselves that if it’s healthy to change a flat tire, it’s healthy to change our attitude.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane


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