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Another Look At Time

Our egos become very powerful when we decide to listen to the voice of fear and guilt rather than to the voice of love.

Our egos will do anything to keep us stuck in the past and to convince us to make the past and future the same, projecting our unhealed guilt and shame. It predicts a future just like the past and would have us spend no conscious time in the precious present where only love exists.

Think of the freedom that can come to us when we begin to see that time, past and future, are just illusions that our egos have manifested.

The first Principle of Attitudinal Healing is: “The essence of our being is love.” That means to us that we are spiritual beings and that our bodies are but costumed vehicles we wear during the journey.

We can always choose to say to ourselves that we choose to live in the eternal "now" where love is the only thing that is real and where, ultimately, love is the answer no matter what the question.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane


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