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Learning Not To Give Power To Another

I, Jerry, would like to share some thoughts today on not giving the power to decide who we are to another person.

I went to college at the University of California, Berkeley. One day I had to take an English test, which I flunked. After that class, I had to take a “dumbbell” English course, and I barely scraped by with a D-.

When the course ended, I remember my professor coming up to me and saying, “Jampolsky, I don’t know what you are going to do in your life, but for God’s sake do not ever try to write a book.”

Well of course, I knew he was right. I could not spell, I did not grasp grammar, and I never got good grades in English. I held his words inside me until, when I was fifty years of age, I wrote my first book. I hired an editor to correct my spelling and grammar. To my pleasant surprise, my book – Love Is Letting Go Of Fear - turned out to be a best seller. The readers responded to the stories I shared, not my grasp of grammar, and even though I still hear my professor’s voice, I no longer believe him.

I no longer empower others to take away my inner peace, or my opportunity to do the impossible.

As always, we invite you to share your stories of giving away or regaining your personal power in the comments below, or on the Attitudinal Healing International Facebook page.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane