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Guidelines For Aging With Attitude

The people we know who go through the aging process with the most happiness and peace seem to be “Aging with Attitude.”

They all have something in common: a positive mindset. We have talked with many people over the years and complied a list of guidelines that reflect the many aspects of a positive attitude toward aging. We suggest you take one guideline a day and imagine it becoming an invisible part of your heart. You may also find it helpful to write the Guideline on a card and read it hourly to study the message as the day progresses.

  1. Live in gratitude and count your blessings every day.
  2. Resist the temptation to interpret people’s behavior to decide who is innocent and who is guilty.
  3. Choose to make forgiving others and yourself as important as breathing.
  4. Choose to not take yourself too seriously.
  5. Choose to keep a good sense of humor about yourselves no matter what is happening to you.
  6. Begin to see no value in anger or in making others wrong.
  7. Decide to learn to see the value of infinite patience with yourself and others.
  8. Learn to see value in living your life based on the belief that love is the answer to any problem you have now or any problem you think you have in the future.
  9. Start to believe that when you stop complaining about your age and what is happening to your body, your day will be more happy and peace-filled.
  10. Be kind and tender to others as well as to yourself.
  11. Be authentic, respectful and have the same interest in others as you do in yourself.
  12. Choose to live in a consciousness of helping others.
  13. Listen to all others, with no exceptions, with unconditional love.
  14. Let go of all of your judgments.
  15. Choose to live your life in grace and laugh a lot.
  16. See the Light in everyone rather than their lampshade.
  17. Imagine there a 4-year-old child inside of your heart that is playful, lives in the present, cannot tell time yet, doesn’t yet understand the difference between yesterday and tomorrow and likes to be silly and laugh most of the time without any particular reason.
  18. Look beyond the body and see the Innocence and Light in everyone including yourself.
  19. Choose to be a “love-finder” rather than a “fault-finder.”
  20. Choose to believe the truth that there is no value in worrying about anything and that to worry is a decision to suffer.
  21. No matter what is going on in your body, choose spiritually to be fully alive and not half-dead and celebrate your spiritual core inside of your heart.
  22. Make decisions by following your heart rather than your head.
  23. Decide to let the sun shine in your heart regardless of the weather outside.
  24. When you get stuck in life or in your head, remember that music can set you free.
  25. Make “Loving Kindness” your song of the day, every day.
  26. Choose to have faith and trust in something that is Higher than yourself.
  27. Choose to act every day and night as if compassion was the center of your DNA (which it really is).
  28. Remember that only the strong can dare to be gentle.
  29. By letting go of fear and experiencing love, you will find it safe become transparent and translucent.
  30. Choose to make a decision and totally believe it, that this day is going to be the happiest day of your life regardless of what is put on your plate and regardless of what is happening to your body.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane


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