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What Is Attitudinal Healing?

With this New Year, we like to remind ourselves of the core of Attitudinal Healing.

The following is from the Epilogue of our book, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.

What is Attitudinal Healing but a healing and releasing of the past by no longer seeing any value in hanging on to the hurts we once experienced. It is a form of celestial amnesia that results from forgiving others and ourselves.

What is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that we human beings make? It is giving the power to others to decide whether we are lovable or not.

What is freedom but to have no restrictions in the wonderment and awe felt in the heart of the innocent child that is within each of us, that we experience in the mystery of life?

What is creativity but to honor our Creator, to listen to our intuitive self, to express ourselves beyond the use of words, and to share our love and uniqueness beyond the limits of our own imagination?

What is laughter but the music that comes from taking ourselves lightly as we walk on the pathway to our true home. It is the melody of our true self, whose heart is always smiling. It is a song of joy, knowing with absolute certainty that in our true reality there is no such thing as fear, guilt, and blame.

What is patience but knowing that there is really no such thing as past, present, and future, and that there is only the eternal now in the real world? Patience is natural when we trust and know from deep within ourselves that we are already home and that we need do nothing but share creation’s love.

What is intimacy but the willingness to let you “in-to-me-see”? Intimacy is when I am no longer feeling vulnerable or fearful, trusting that if you knew everything there is to know about me, you would still love me. It is the absence of masks, costumes, secrets, shame, and guilt, and it is the willingness to share all of my thoughts with you without the fear of being attacked. It is the dissolving of any barriers between my soul and yours. It is the total expression of unconditional love.

When loving, caring, hugging, and touching become as essential as eating and sleeping in our daily routine, perhaps many illnesses known to humankind will disappear.

When everyone in the world accepts the reality that we are all spiritually joined, there will be no wars, there will be no conflicts, there will be only love, kindness, compassion, growth, and friendship.

What is life but a journey of learning that giving and receiving are the same and that our purpose here is to love, forgive, and to always have a willingness to extend a helping hand to others.

When we have totally released ourselves from the limitations of the past and have only love in our hearts, we can climb beyond the highest cloud and into infinity. With trust and faith our dream of returning to the home we have never really left then becomes our reality. We experience at-one-ment with our Source and each other, in a world where there is only joining and no separation, a never-ending love, and a total absence of fear.

Love, Peace and a Joyous New Year,

Jerry and Diane


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