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Heaven as a State of Mind

5-15-11         Heaven As A State Of Mind

Is heaven a place, or could heaven simply be a state of mind?

Give Kids The World in Orlando, Florida is an amazing place to visit. Our dear friend, a survivor of Auschwitz, created the vision of this unique village over 25 years ago. Jerry is on the Give Kids The World advisory board and we both have been supporters of the village these past 25 years. We have continually been inspired by Henri’s vision and the courage of these families who live in the land of unconditional love where only love can be found and where, for that eternal moment, fear has disappeared. It is a memory that these families hold on to forever.

Give Kids The World is a place where children with catastrophic illnesses who are facing the intimate possibility of dying can stay with their families, free for a week. Over 7000 families go there every year. They live in beautiful villas; they are given free cars and cameras to use during their stay; and they are given free tickets to all the Disneyland parks and activities.

Within the village there are swimming pools and all the ice cream you can eat with no one hovering around saying, “You have had enough!”

For the children, these are seven precious days during which many find themselves laughing for the first time in months. And the rest of the families find themselves in a state of joy. They live these days as if there is no past or future, and only the present moment truly matters.

The letters the families write afterwards often share that their experience at the village was the closest thing to experiencing heaven on earth that they could imagine.

But perhaps these families are truly experiencing heaven. All the volunteers give them unconditional love. It is a place where there is only love, kindness and gentleness. No one is angry or upset with anyone. No one is making judgments. And there is a common bond formed between the children and families who have all been experiencing through the same challenges.

If we consider heaven as a state of mind, then it is something that is obtainable right now, each and every moment we live within these temporary bodies.

When our mind set becomes one with all minds, when we choose to give unconditional love to everyone we are with or think about, when we hold no grudges or unforgiving thoughts, when the only thing we choose to experience is the peace, love and joy in our hearts, and when we look only at the light in each other and ourselves – in that moment, there is no fear of death, and it can be a way to experience heaven within our minds and hearts.

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Love & Peace,

Jerry and Diane

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