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Finding Peace In Troubled Times

6-1-11         Finding Peace In Troubled Times

We seem to live in a world that is dominated by fear. Fear is seen in so many forms, and all forms have something to do with the body.

The symptoms of fear originate in how we see the world. When we see the world from our ego mind’s point of view, we experience judgments, grievances, loneliness, a sense of isolation, hopelessness, fears of rejection, sickness, limitations, and a fear of death.

In the new 3rd edition of Love Is Letting Go Of Fear by Jerry, he talks about attitudes toward fears of financial instability, and fear of terrorists and wars.

The world that has been established by our ego minds has an enemy, and it is called peace of mind.

We believe that peace can only come from within, and must begin with ourselves.

The core of Attitudinal Healing is the belief that health is inner peace and healing is letting go of fear.

Perhaps more than ever before in the history of humankind, it behooves us to focus and totally commit ourselves to live each day with peace of mind as our only goal and forgiveness as our only function.

Let us not focus on our transitory bodies, which are only costumes; let us focus on healing our minds and choosing to experience the inner peace that always rests in our hearts no matter what is happening in the outer world.

May we all join together and focus on living in a consciousness of giving, loving and forgiveness, rather than attacking each other. Let us stay in a consciousness of love and hopefulness.

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Love & Peace,

Jerry and Diane