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Letting Go With Laughter

6-15-11         Letting Go With Laughter

If there is one thing most of us do not do enough of, it is laughing and not taking ourselves so seriously. It is important to let go of what other people might think of us and feel free to be silly.

Some years ago, we decided to surprise one of our dearest friends, Dorothy Thau of Aspen, Colorado, and do something creative that would make her laugh and, at the same time, help her feel our love for her.

We decided to buy a pile of cellophane and ribbon and bows, and then we took a taxi to her house.

We asked the taxi driver to help us, and he gladly engaged himself in our plan.

We had the taxi driver wrap both of us in the cellophane packaging, with ribbons and bows galore.

We decided to be the wrapped up birthday present we wanted to give her.

The taxi driver could not stop laughing. He rang her doorbell, and then hid behind a tree to see what was going to happen.

Hal, Dorothy’s husband, came to the door. We thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head!

Then he hollered up the stairs to Dorothy and said, “There is a present for you at the front door, and you better come right down!”

Dorothy came running down the stairs... She burst into laughter and, as we remember it, we laughed all through the night.

Please send in your creative experiences about love and laughter to us.

Love & Peace,

Jerry and Diane

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