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From Hawaii: Some Thoughts On Roots

7-1-11         From Hawaii: Some Thoughts On Roots

On our early morning walks (6:00 AM) to the 24 hour gym, we like to stop and hug one of the huge Fire Wood trees that grows near where we stay. We see this as an exchange of love and an exchange of energy.

The long roots of big trees that go deep into the ground remind us to focus on our own spiritual roots, which are beyond measurement.

We find that starting our day with a reminder of our connection to that which created us - God, Source or whatever name you might want to use - is like having a rudder in our ship steering us in the direction we want to go, to the home we never really left.

These wonderful Fire Wood trees reach up to the light of the sun in the sky.

We find we need much reminding each and every day that we are the light, and that we are here to be messengers of light and love.

So rather than living with the roots of fear in our heart, we prefer to do our very best, living with the roots of love and being grateful to the trees we hug for reminding us of this.

Love & Peace,

Jerry and Diane

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