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Thoughts on Love and Linear Time

7-15-11         Thoughts On Love And Linear Time

Is it possible to change our belief about the purpose of linear time?

So many of us, ourselves included, have spent a good part of our lives feeling the purpose of time was to achieve; to save for the future so we can be secure; to believe the past will predict the future; to interpret people’s behavior so we know whether we can trust them.

When we stop and think about it, all of the above are functions of our egos, based on fear.

The world would be so different if we felt there was no linear time, and each moment we are in is eternal time with no past or future.

Wouldn't it be a more peaceful planet, if we felt the purpose of time while we are in this physical world is to share our love with each other?

What if there was truly another reality where there was only love, and no fear, no time, no past, present or future?

What if we could believe with all of our heart that love was all that existed?

What if there was only oneness and no separation?

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Love & Peace,

Jerry and Diane