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Following Your Own Heart

Written on the plane from New York to San Francisco
In Attitudinal Healing Support Groups, one of the guidelines for people in the group is to refrain from giving advice.
We incorporated this guideline of “no advice” because we believe in empowering everyone to find their own answers, their own direction and their own guidance by learning to listen to their heart -- the teacher that is within their heart, who has their personal answers.
We believe the best way to make decisions is to listen to the voice of love that comes from our heart, rather than the voice of fear that comes from our ego.
When we choose to start the day with the single goal of inner peace, it is possible to learn to have faith and trust in that inner voice in all that we do. The result from that decision moves us in the direction of experiencing inner eace.
In one of our books, tilted “Me First And The Gimme Gimmes” (for children ages 4-104), we suggest:
“Right from the start
 Follow your heart”
Please share your thoughts or comments on following your heart in the area below.

Love and Peace,

Jerry & Diane

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