Thumbnail Oprah Winfrey 75x75"After 25 years and more than 30,000 guests, it was Jerry Jampolsky’s definition of forgiveness that changed my life." 



morley 75x75“Attitudinal Healing is a way of looking at life and death and pain squarely in the eye and even overcoming it.” 

 Morley Safer, 60 Minutes


santana 75x75“Attitudinal Healing has changed my life. It has helped me see the value of letting go of the obstacles to love. I can recommend it with all of my heart.” 

 Carlos Santana


Mother-Teresa 75x75“Attitudinal Healing has supported many of the Sisters living in community and working with the poor.” 

 Mother Teresa


dr oz06 rev2 75x75“Attitudinal Healing helps us find peace in our hearts and minds through love and forgiveness.” 

 Dr. Oz


samdhong rev2 75x75“Attitudinal Healing is the closest thing to Buddhism in action.” 

 Achok Rinpoche


stupski 75x75"Attitudinal Healing helped me with my personal, spiritual journey and particularly in navigating with grace through my life-threatening illness." 

 Larry Stupski, former Chief Operating Officer, Charles Schwab Corporation