Attitudinal Healing International’s mission is to support all established, independent Centers and emerging Centers in their growth and innovative adaptations of Attitudinal Healing.


Attitudinal Healing International works towards a world where each person takes responsibility for what we think, say, and do, and where each of us feels safe, whole and loved. Attitudinal Healing gives us the powerful tools needed for making healthy choices, navigating successful challenges, and creating positive change. This is accomplished by our utilizing the Principles of Attitudinal Healing, enabling us to choose peace over conflict, compassion over indifference, and love over fear in all aspects of our daily lives.


Personal Transformation • Mutual Care & Respect • Authenticity • Transparency • Innovation • Collaboration


Upholds the values and legacy of Attitudinal Healing AHI is a centralized hub with resources dedicated to preserving the global accessibility of Attitudinal Healing.

Thrives in a service focused environment Based on the Principle that giving and receiving are the same, we exist to respond to requests for Attitudinal Healing support and services.

Values the individual as much as the organization Each person is as important as the work we undertake.

Utilizes a leadership model that prioritizes participative decision making We are all students and teachers to each other regardless of age or experience. Together we foster the unfolding of each individual’s full potential and ability.

Encourages creativity & innovation Everyone’s ideas are equally valued and given the space and time to be conceptualized, developed, expressed, and considered.

Provides opportunities for personal and professional development Our unique, non-judgmental work environment cultivates growth through the practice of choosing peace over conflict, joining over separation, and love over fear.

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Global Innovations

Global Innovations Attitudinal Healing International fosters the development and implementation of innovations and adaptations of Attitudinal Healing in the following areas:

  • Education: AH 'Power to Choose' and resiliency curriculums have been developed for children, youth and adults, and implemented both in school and in after-school programs.
  • Community: Diverse community AH health and wellness programs for youth and adults help foster positive communities and safe neighborhoods.
  • Institutions: Integrated programs continue to be developed for hospitals, prisons and government departments and agencies.
  • Health: AH Support Groups are provided for life choices and change, family dynamics, life threatening and chronic illness, loss, grief, death and dying, caregiving, aging, life transitions, and more.
  • Business: ProAttitude is an innovative corporate coaching and training system that adapts AH and neuroscience-based research to end stress and improve workplace productivity.

A Peer Support Approach

The Centers for Attitudinal Healing utilize the original peer support approach in the Attitudinal Healing Support Group. This means we rely on the extraordinary strength of ordinary people to help one another. We utilized support groups and peer counseling to deliver direct services to our clients. Volunteers undergo many hours of training, screening and mentoring. The Guidelines for Groups serve to build psychological and social safety in this non-confrontational process. The guidelines provide the approach to self-exploration in a very dynamic learning process.

“We rely on the extraordinary strength of ordinary people.”

There is a synergy at work in the Attitudinal Healing Support Groups. One person's breakthrough can lead to breakthrough for others. The peace of mind attained by one who is further down the path can be the model for others, giving them hope and sparking their resolve to heal their fear. As the group develops and progresses, participants experience a deep sense of connection with each other. Out of their own giving and receiving, they grow together to become a powerful source of support.