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  Fall 2010  


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Oct 7-13 Facilitator Training
AH Center, Mongolia

Oct 9-10 AH Gateway Training
Corstone - Sausalito, CA

Nov 14 20th Anniversary Celebration
MCDAH - Detroit, MI


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Attitudinal Healing - Japan

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Attitudinal Healing Connection - Oakland

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AH International is a non-profit organization funded and supported entirely through tax-deductible donations.


The support of a diverse, loving community is both our strength and inspiration.

Every donation is deeply appreciated, and there are numerous ways to donate.

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AH International is the Official Home Portal for Attitudinal Healing worldwide. A 501 (c) (3) non profit organization, we represent and support independent Centers, groups, and resource persons who use the universally accepted Principles of Attitudinal Healing for healing their inner and outer worlds and for making a positive difference. We are an ever-expanding global network supported by a multicultural community located in numerous countries on five continents.

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What's New

Available in 50 languages, AH International is a fully interactive website featuring a built in social network for connecting individuals, groups and Centers along with space for blogs, videos, photos, etc. There is also a calendar for trainings, workshops, seminars, lectures, and online training worldwide.

AHI Radio is all set up and ready for expanded use. Current programming includes the second Saturday of each month at 11am PDT. All programming is podcast on the site.

This issue we highlight whatís new and happening at the following four Centers and the extraordinary work they are doing in their communities.

Attitudinal Healing Center - UlaanBataar, Mongolia
Attitudinal Healing Connection - Oakland, California
Attitudinal Healing Japan - Tokyo, Japan
Cecura Attitudinal Healing Center - Guadalajara, Mexico  



AH Center - UlaanBataar, Mongolia

Attitudinal Healing Center MongoliaAbout a year ago, Undarlaa Bat emailed a letter to AHI and requested help in starting an AH Support Group in Outer Mongolia. While attending a business conference in the Netherlands, she had come across “Love is Letting Go of Fear.”

Adapting the Principles of Attitudinal Healing helped her heal from the recent devastating, tragic loss of her brother. She then thought of all the people in Mongolia that were challenged with societal changes, physical disabilities, and suffering from depression, alcoholism, loss of jobs, sexual and physical abuse. She had the vision of starting the Attitudinal Healing Center of Mongolia.




AH Connection - Oakland, California

Attitudinal Healing Connection - OaklandFounded in 1989, AHC Oakland is a community-based 501(c)3 nonprofit and a member of the global network of Attitudinal Healing Centers. We address the educational, emotional and social needs of individuals, groups, and communities. Our programs and events help transform the mind, uplift the spirit, and support the healthy, peaceful development of individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

AHC - Oakland currently provides programs, classes, workshops, support groups, and retreats that offer adults and children/youth innovative approaches to wellness and healthy living.




Attitudinal Healing - Japan

Attitudinal Healing JapanThis is our fifth year as Attitudinal Healing Japan and we are enjoying our experiments to try to let go of fear in every aspect of our activities. Last year we developed several ways to disseminate attitudinal healing in rural areas, including attitudinal healing groups on Skype and “safer” workshops for those who have concern about confidentiality issues. We are glad to be so flexible.




AH Center - Guadalajara, Mexico

Cecura Attitudinal Healing - Guadalajara, MexicoIn 1994, when we first started our Center, we realized there were a great number of people who were looking for support after losing their jobs while Mexico was in the midst of severe economic crisis and insecurity. Seventeen years later, we are facing a similar situation aggravated by the waves of violence due to the drug cartels, which have threatened our security more than ever. Still, our lives continue as normal and in our groups we can see the healing force of love and peace.


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