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2014 AHI Conference
San Francisco

Celebrating the
40th Anniversary of
Attitudinal Healing

September 19 - 21, 2014

with 20+ Pre-Conference
(open to non-conference attendees)
September 16 - 18, 2014


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Attitudinal Healing International Conference Pre-Conference Speakers



A number of long-time AH group members would love to attend the conference and need financial assistance to do so. In order to help those who sincerely want to attend but cannot afford the fee, AHI has started a scholarship fund. If you or someone you know has received AH support in a time of need and now has the means to help others, please consider a contribution to the scholarship fund.

AH International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit funded and supported through tax-deductible donations.


Attitudinal Healing Facilitator Training

San Francisco, California
September 16, 17 & 18, 2014

For the first time in 2014, Attitudinal Healing International is offering a Facilitator Training in the United States.  If you have been thinking of starting an Attitudinal Healing Support Group or Center in your community and have not yet completed the training, this is a wonderful opportunity to do so.  Please plan to extend your stay and enjoy the 40th Anniversary International Conference immediately following the training!

Attitudinal Healing TrainingPart I of the training: (Tuesday, 9/16) Introduces the Principles and concepts of Attitudinal Healing and offers practical guidance in applying them in your everyday life. Attitudinal Healing for Everyday Living, facilitated by Kathy Harris & Carolyn Smith. CEU's available.

California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBSe) Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are available for these workshops. Six units are available each day for a total of 18 for the three days. The cost for CEU’s is $5.00/unit.

Part II of the training: (Wednesday & Thursday 9/17-18) Includes in-depth exploration of the roles and responsibilities of the Attitudinal Healing group facilitator.  In two days of experiential sessions, you will learn and practice the attitudes and skills necessary for creating and maintaining a safe group climate, introducing AH to new group members, understanding the stages of group development and facilitating the AH peer support model. Introduction to Faciitator Training, conducted by four women with combined experience of 90 years facilitating Attitudinal Healing Groups.

The registration fee is $75/day; $225.00 for all three days. Anyone who has completed an Introduction to Attitudinal Healing class online or in person may attend Part II without Part I.

For experienced facilitators who wish to enhance their skills, an advanced facilitation course is also offered on September 17th (Facilitation and the Resilience of the Heart offered by Richard and Madhura Cuadra - 6 CEU's available).

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AHC - Oakland

The Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project is a crucial community development effort by Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC) in Oakland that will engage 200 middle and high school youth to be change agents in their community. This project aims to resolve issues that plague Oakland, create over 80 jobs, enhance neighborhoods and reduce blight.

Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project

This March, AHC unveiled its second large scale mural beautification and revitalization project in West Oakland/Emeryville.

During the Spring of 2013, Oakland students from the ArtEsteem Visual Art class at Westlake Middle School began the process to conceptually design the second mural in a series of seven large scale murals on 2500 square foot walls below the 580 freeway. This mural captures a story involving four superheroes, which depicts the youths' understanding in areas such as diversity, ownership and responsibility in the community, values, importance of ancestry and family, support systems, and friendship. In the story, these characters experience death, vandalism, harassment, disrespect, peer pressure, displacement, and other forms of hardship and undergo a transformation to in turn serve their community.

These murals have begun the process of revitalizing a segment of Oakland that is heavily impacted by blight, violence, and graffiti. The Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project has the power to uplift and positively transform the neighborhood. AHC continues to fundraise in order to complete this series of murals.

For more information or to find out how you can donate contact:
or email


Intro to Power to Choose

The Power to Choose is a unique Attitudinal Healing Innovation founded on the philosophy and Principles of Attitudinal Healing. The program supports participants to tap into their inner potential in order to become leaders who make healthy and positive choices in their everyday life. Participants learn tools to enhance their decision making process, lift their self-esteem, cultivate their leadership abilities, and empower them to be agents of positive change. A versatile curriculum, The Power to Choose is adaptable for in-school, after-school, multicultural and community-based programming with flexible time frames that adapt to the needs of group members and facilitators. The program is provided to Centers for Attitudinal Healing and is also available for integration into children, youth, and adult programming of other approved, established organizations.


Power to Choose - Cameroon

Tasha Abdou T., founder of the Cameroon Center for Attitudinal Healing successfully launched and led the Power to Choose program at the Government Bilingual High School Deido in Doulaa. Over 45 students ages 14-17 participated in the 11 week program, where they created community and learned tools to make healthy and positive choices everyday.

Power to Choose Cameroon Students

During the program, Power to Choose students took the initiative to begin an anti-bullying campaign in their school, and in the process influenced the school’s administration to develop policies and procedures to address and prevent bullying. The students used the tools they learned in the program and took steps towards creating a safer and healthier school environment by connecting with school administrators to explore procedures to prevent bullying. They created and distributed throughout the school a brochure that gave the entire school population a greater understanding about the importance of preventing bullying and explained the appropriate process for addressing the issue when it occurs at school.

The program concluded with a school wide ceremony with parents and friends in attendance to witness the powerful transformation the students underwent in the program. Electa Tasha, Vice Principal of the school, was happy to see the outcomes of the program in her students. She noticed that “they were friendly, more responsible and actually chose to work hard in all they had to do.” The impact of the program is clearly visible in the students. The school administration fully supports the continuation of the program.

Power to Choose ceremony

Tasha envisions training the students to facilitate their own Power to Choose program in the future. At the end of the 11 week program students were challenged to create their own projects which contribute to the well being of the school. Tasha is confident they will develop extraordinary projects for change that will impact the entire school in the upcoming months. Congratulations Cameroon for completing the Power to Choose!


Power to Choose - Hawaii

Vicky Schneider, Executive Director of the Hawaii Center for Attitudinal Healing recently introduced the Power to Choose program in Oahu, Hawaii at Washington Middle School. The program began promptly this March after a four day Attitudinal Healing Training led by Trish Ellis in February. The training included a Power to Choose segment focused on working with youth and unique populations.

Over 25 students in grades 6, 7, and 8 began the Power to Choose program through the Afterschool All Star program, a national organization, specifically focused on serving middle school age children. Initially, facilitators noted that it was hard for students to open up and share, but within a few weeks they saw a lot of progress. Students continue to open up and share their experiences; connect with one another and build a stronger Power to Choose community at their school. We will continue to follow their progress.


Power to Choose - Mongolia

Attitudinal Healing MongoliaAfter the successful completion of the Power to Choose program in five schools, the Center for Attitudinal Healing-Mongolia under the direction of Founder, Undarlaa Battogtokh, began a three phase implementation of this program. When the program was implemented for a second time, it took a new direction as the children who participated in the first round asked Undarlaa to offer the program to their teachers, parents and family members, so they too could learn with them.

Undarlaa took this request seriously and launched the second Power to Choose program. Facilitators now work directly with teachers and social workers, parents and family members, in addition to the children. The magnitude of the current implementation limited the program to one school, where Undarlaa will lead three different cohorts of 25 participants through the program. The goal of opening the program to adults is to also teach them tools to make healthy and positive decisions everyday. Undarlaa is happy to introduce this program to adults in the school because it is transforming the long standing beliefs that many adults have about children. Together they are learning that we are all students and teachers to each other. According to Undarlaa, the Power to Choose has been instrumental in helping young children find their voice and speak up.


Power to Choose - Mexico

Power to Choose GuadalajaraCongratulations to CECURA Guadalajara for completing the first ever elementary school adaptation of the Power to Choose, Elige! The twelve week program was implemented with the entire school population including teachers and parents. The program was extended to adults so they could gain a greater understanding of their children’s experience. Everyone learned the Principles of Attitudinal Healing and took away tools for a healthy decision making process.

Over 500 students completed the program under the direction of Lucero Aguirre, Co-Founder of CECURA Guadalajara, in conjunction with a team of dedicated school administrators, local educators, members of the CECURA community, and an educational researcher. Teachers saw great benefits in the program as it helped them “recognize the importance of working together as teachers and understanding that they can choose their attitudes, reactions, and treatment of the children.” Additionally, teachers mentioned the program renewed their vitality as teachers as society shapers. Parents were also impacted by the program and learned a lot by exploring themes of love, forgiveness, and judgment. We look forward to hearing more about the next steps of the Power to Choose program in Guadalajara, Mexico.


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