Centre for Forgiveness and Attitudinal Healing - South Africa

Centre for Forgiveness and Attitudinal Healing - South Africa


Centre for Forgiveness and Attitudinal Healing


The Centre is situated 34 kms East of Oudtshoorn in the middle of the Klein Karoo, Western Cape, Republic of South Africa. This region is just South of the Swartberg mountain range in the middle of the most Southern part of the continent of Africa. It is a very scenic region and on the major tourist route for visiting South Africa. Apart from Attitudinal Healing and numerous Healing Retreats, also have large Natural Parks, the Cango Caves and the “Hell” or Gamka the region has out of the ordinary plant varieties particular in Resteos, Fynbos and unusual succulants. We have numerous guesthouses around us.

We are located in De Rust, a little village, in the Grass Bale House at 2 Le Roux Street. Here we present Attitudinal Healing Principles to groups or to individuals directly or by correspondence: email [email protected].

We offer:

  • Introduction to the 12 Principles in English or Afrikaans in sessions of one hour each or all twelve over two days.
  • Guidelines to Facilitators who know the Principles and wish to present it in their own communities or companies. This can also be done in sessions or over two days.
  • Energy senders to help restore the environment.

The using of the Principles brings us to stillness, to a choice to love and to inner peace. These qualities are not of the body, but we also consider the needs of the body. We play the Awareness Game to experience the un-separable relationship between the condition of one’s immediate environment and the state of body. Dr Henry Bieler taught “That Food is your best medicine and thoughts are your best food”. See also the depth of meaning in Romans 12:1 and 2. You can heal when you learn to look differently and begin to look in your own mind. To heal one has to become whole and that includes holiness.

So far most participants in AH were women. So we reach out to the men through their interest in farming or in gardening with more love and more care for everything that lives. So we weave AH into the use of an ancient system from the monasteries of the 9th century and we call it Energy Senders, which change what the farmers do to the soil which grows our food. Farmers who are informed and concerned about their impact on our soil, our air and our water, learn to care for the soil and water without polluting it further. These Senders were re-invented after physicists studied the remaining towers at Kilmacduagh in Calway, Ireland. (Secrets of the Soil p. 281). In those days the terminology was not scientific but now the knowledge from the towers is tested and better understood.

The last week of June 2015 we are part of the Ecofestival in this region for Green Architecture and a healthy garden. We offer short talks to interested groups on AH and Energy towers and grass bale building.

The first week and last week of July 2015 we will be presenting Introductory talks on AH and Energy towers to three groups in Montagu about 240kms West from where we are and in the direction of Cape Town. We attract interest from Robertson, Ashton, Montagu and Barrydale to that site called Piet se Pad. We have three AG Facilitators living in Montagu and who will continue with group work.

We do not charge for any services accept for the building of Energy Senders according to specifications, and to activate them on location. Towers are mainly applied to water purification, land restoration, plant protection and for predator control such as baboons, jackal, leopards, wild pigs, porcupine, birds and insects attacking fruit in formation and vegetables. Senders do not kill anything and it does make stronger plants and restores the balance between farming and natural resources. All this is really important and possible but requires a re-evaluation of opinions, beliefs and theories. It is logical that when you are stressed and angry all forms of life in your environment is affected. Come to inner peace and everything can change. With the Energy Senders, I also place my medicine in them for my body and for everything else that lives in its functional area.

This Centre for Attitudinal Healing in the Klein Karoo offers Study Skills to students, mainly learner nurses and we get sponsors to help one student a year to qualify as a Sister. We teach Trigger Point Massage and use a Reflexology technique from Saqqara from 2330 B.C. (Memphis, Egypt) to find the thoughts that affect which organs when persons seek relief. It is also revealed during massage and then the introduction to Principle oriented choices can be demonstrated. Visitors also see our Energy Sender in the garden and most are curious and want to know what that is for. We use solar energy and a sun oven for food preparation and bake rusks and that is very popular. Who doesn’t like the smell of sun baked award winning rusks when it comes to taste.

Pieter currently has two published books: “The Light Rider” and “Die Kloutjie by die oor bring.”

Our company is called Core Training and Diana Segall who is a lecturer at the Nursing College and a well known Trigger Point Masseuse and Instructor and I, Pieter Smit (PJE) serve in the Centre.


Contact: Pieter Smit
2 Le Roux St., DE RUST, 6651, South Africa
Email: [email protected]

Thursday, 05 June 2014 by Administrator

During the recent National Arts Festival which was held about 40 kms West from De Rust, they included a peripheral activity as a test - and my house and ecological life style was advertised. I had to give five talks a day, consisting of five subjects (each talk for about 12 minutes) and then coffee and tea and sun baked rusks. Well, I met so many people and earned good money, but was I exhausted at the end of the week!

That has brought me more interest in AH and of course in life style changes for a more natural way without common habitual medicine. I am enjoying that and it gives insight and opportunity to serve through presenting AH principles. One client was a Psychiatrist from Cape town and he was so very interested as if he heard of this approach for the first time. He left without his hat ... I am looking for meaning as I am so aware of the hats or headdresses people wear.. it is so important for them from the nuns to the Jewish priests to the Americans with their caps and the uniformed men and women. And he forgot his specially shaped hat!!!

Every one that now comes to me to reFormat their minds and reFresh their hearts through their Feet and Fingers (My method through ReFlexology on hands and feet) get a dose of recommended lifestyle adjustments and of course one AH principle with every visit.

De Rust is hosting an Ecofestival starting 24th September, and once again without input from me, the organizers put me on top of the list for talks (of my choice this time) at my home during the festival over four days in September. Another opportunity to serve with love (above the needs of self). So it is going wonderfully well with us here in the Klein Karoo.

Interesting that we have a second group starting now in Steytlerville only since last week. The first group lost its members to different parts of the country but there it is, restarting by itself. Steytlerville is about 250 kms from here and that is slap bang in the middle of the Eastern greater Karoo and is situated in a large game park.