NH: New England Center for Attitudinal Healing

NH: New England Center for Attitudinal Healing

New England Center for Attitudinal Healing

Support Groups offered:

1) Attitudinal Healing Book Study Groups
(books by Jerry Jampolsky M.D. and Diane V. Cirincione, Ph.D.)

  • "Love is Letting Go of Fear"
  • "To Give is To Receive- A Mini Course in Healing Relationships"
  • "Forgiveness - The Greatest Healer of All"
  • "Teach Only Love-The Seven Principles of Attitudinal Healing"

2) Bereavement Support Group

3) Caregiver's Support Group - for adult care-givers taking care of a loved one with a life-threatening illness

4) Compassionate Communication Training - combining current neuroscience research regarding the impact of attitudes and words on our brains as well as providing training in conflict resolution skills

5) Individual consultations and counseling with a licensed professional therapist are available on request

Locations of Groups: Portsmouth, Epping and Nottingham, New Hampshire (dates and times variable according to location)

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