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Re-establishing Our Own Innocence

Our fearful ego minds would convince us that guilt, fear, and shame are a part of our natural state of being.

And yet, when we are clear about our spiritual identity and what we are (part of all that is), our minds are full of love and innocence.

I, Jerry, have in the past been very attached to guilt and shame. And now, what freedom it is to see them as part of my illusions that have nothing to do with my true reality - the essence of my being is love! The statement “The truth shall set me free” is one way of bringing new awareness to the truth that innocence is our natural state and has nothing to do with anything we may have done in the past.

Diane and I are amateur sculptors. My first sculpture was that of a peaceful child with wings on his back, a cherubic symbol of innocence. The bronze sculpture rests in the entryway to our home as a reminder of our innocence whether we are coming or going.

When we remind ourselves that innocence is our natural state, we can then share that innocence with the world, and look beyond the behavior of others to see the light and innocence in them.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane


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