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The Ego's View of Unconditional Love

The ego’s law is to not believe in unconditional love.

It sees unconditional love and inner peace as the enemy.

Our egos believe there are separate kinds of love and that our identity is a body.

Our egos tempt us, in very clever ways, to believe that love can hurt and sooner or later you will suffer rejection.

The ego’s law states that hate and anger, judgments and guilt, will get you what you want and protect you. It tempts us to believe we have enemies and that faith and trust are insanity. It believes only in a material, physical world that will always be dangerous.

Love that comes from our Creative Source is a love that is unconditional and unending.

It is a love that sees and hears through the filter of the love that created us.

This creative love that created us is formless. It is never cruel and always kind, gentle, judgement and guilt free. It is free of interpretations, and is a love that is soft and eternal beyond our imagination.

There is no fear, pain, or death in this sacred love. It is compassionate, with infinite patience.

The central core of our spiritual being is a light energy that is always within us and capable of shining through the darkness we see with our physical eyes.

There is no separation in this light energy and the light that is within us is eternal.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane


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