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Deepening Our Connectedness

Remembering our connectedness with our Source is part of our purpose in life.

When we begin the day with this intention, all of our every-day experiences help us to remember our oneness with our Creator and with all of nature.

For example, while we were on vacation in Hawaii, we walked past a beautiful tree on our way to the gym each morning. To express our love and gratitude for this magnificent tree, we always stopped to give it a hug and thank it for its wisdom. We imagined its roots going down into the earth into the infinite heart of All That Is. It was a daily reminder to experience our own roots, embedded in this consciousness.

We also love the amazing coconut palms in Hawaii. They inspire us to see how they can bend in the wind and also reach straight up in the sky, experiencing the nourishment and warmth of the sun. For us these trees are a personal symbol of flexibility. The palms remind us to consciously open our minds and to be adaptable and receptive to the gifts of learning that each day brings to us.

For us, deepening our connection with our Source begins with our morning meditation. Recently, during an early morning meditation, I was asking for help in having a still mind. What happened, quite simply and naturally, was the awareness that I had no thoughts in my mind, not one. I experienced my mind empty of any concern for earthly material things. My challenges and to-do lists totally disappeared.

I became aware that my mind was completely free of all thoughts of conflict. It was guilt free, blame free, judgment free. The experience of silence was deeper than anything I’ve ever experienced. It actually brought tears to my eyes as I became aware that I was experiencing a timeless moment.

There was no past and no future. There were no yesterdays or tomorrows. There was only an immeasurable depth of silence that opened my heart and made me aware of my gratitude and oneness with my Creator.

When Diane awakened, I shared my experience with her. At first I was hesitant to share in words what happened because I knew that words would limit the experience that I wanted to share. I felt my heart was vibrating with the vibration of Universal, Unconditional Love. I was filled with awe for an experience beyond the physical world; a direct experience of the Consciousness of Love that never changes from our Source.

Love and Peace,

Jerry and Diane

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